Labor $60/hour Creative/Prep/Scout/Shoot/Post
Equipment Rental
Standard Shoot Kit $15/hour  Shoot Days Only
3 Full HD 4k Cameras and a variety of pro lenses
Kino Style Fluorescent Light Kit (Daylight Balanced)
Various LED Light Panels (Daylight Balanced)
Shotgun Mic
Wireless Lav Mic
Audio Recorder
Stands / Tripods / Memory Cards
Equipment Add Ons
Ariel Drone $200/Day Will add setup time
Camera Stabilizer $50/Day Will add setup time
Teleprompter $35/Day Will add setup time
4×5 Green Screen Kit $25/Day Will add setup time
8×12 Green Screen Kit $50/Day Will add setup time
Camera Slider $25/Day
Special Equipment
(Jib, Crane, Dolly, ect…)
Please request pricing.
Post Production
Video Suite $10/Hour  Edit Days Only
Graphics Most graphics can be done in house. For special graphics – please request pricing.
Music Royalty Free Music acquired at real cost with no markup. Please request pricing.