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My name is Angelo Gianni.  My goal is to deliver high quality, distinctly creative productions, while keeping costs down.

In my past life in Los Angeles (pre-2007), I gained over a decade’s worth of experience in film production and traveled the world producing television campaigns for brands such as Nike, Gatorade, Pizza Hut, Taco Bell, Nissan , Buick —  to name a few.

I had the opportunity to work with and watch amazing directors including David Fincher (Gone Girl, Fight Club), Alejandro González Iñárritu (Birdman, Babel, Amores Perros); and Directors of Photography like Claudio Miranda (Life of Pi Oscar winner), and Bojan Bazelli (Mr. & Mrs. Smith). I’ve also worked with talent like Brad Pitt, Jessica Simpson , Kobe Bryant, Snoop Dog and many others.  (As well my personal favorite – Erik Estrada.)   For a partial list of  commercials I’ve worked on – see the Credits List below.

After deciding on a major lifestyle change, my family relocated to Asheville, NC where I continued to produce, direct, and edit all projects associated with our exercise websites and DVD company featuring my wife (and exercise guru), Jennifer. (

Local interest in our work grew and soon we were receiving requests to produce projects outside of our own company. Fusion Digital Media now works with advertising agencies and directly with individuals or businesses of any size to create, produce, and publish video content designed to get the message out in the most efficient and effective way possible.

I’m obsessed with the incredible potential of DSLR cinematography, and I’m dedicated to making quality media projects that are affordable for everyone.



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Shooting a Disney commercial.

A cash job in Argentina

Shooting a Nissan commercial on a glacier in Alaska.

Shooting a Toyota commercial in Hawaii. (I got to meet Laird Hamilton!)

My last job before leaving Los Angeles.


Credit List

I was a Producer & Production Manager in commercial film from 1998 thru 2007. It was fun. I’m glad it’s over.

ARTISTS COMPANY Taco Bell   David Ramser
H.S.I. Fruit of the Loom   Matthew Rolston
ARTISTS COMPANY Autism PSA   Michael Cuesta
H.S.I. Gatorade – Brazil/Argentina   Josh Taft
ARTISTS COMPANY Chevy   David Ramser
ARTISTS COMPANY Prilosec   Michael Cuesta
H.S.I. Addidas   Josh Taft
H.S.I. Ford Explorer   Joe Public
INCUBATOR May Company   Tom DeCerchio
FORM Centrum   Robert Black
INCUBATOR Pocket Hercules   Tom DeCerchio
INCUBATOR Limited Too   Tom DeCerchio
INCUBATOR Arbor Mist   Tom DeCerchio
BACKYARD Buick   Nick Piper
INCUBATOR Renault   Tom DeCerchio
INCUBATOR Harley-Davidson   Tom DeCerchio
INCUBATOR Staples   Tom DeCerchio
INCUBATOR Bud Light   Tom DeCerchio
ARTISTS COMPANY Aleve   Skip D’Amico
H.S.I. Nissan Xterra – Alaska/Hawaii   Josh Taft
ARTISTS COMPANY Nicorette   David Ramser
H.S.I. Nissan   Josh Taft
ARTISTS COMPANY Charles Schwab   David Ramser
TOOL OF NORTH AMERICA T Mobile   Sean Ehringer
BOB INDUSTRIES Mitsubishi   Lisa Rubisch
A LIST NYSE   Peter Goldschmidt
THE ARTIST COMPANY Lincoln Mercury   Skip D’Amico
HSI Ban – Buenos Aires   Johan Renck
THE ARTIST COMPANY Charles Schwab   David Ramser
FORM Kellogg’s   John Adams
THE ARTIST COMPANY USPS w/ Lance Armstrong   David Ramser
THE ARTIST COMPANY Domino’s   David Ramser
FORM Helzberg Diamonds   John Adams
FORM Etrade   John Adams
THE ARTIST COMPANY Fidelity Investments   David Ramser
H.S.I. H&M w/Jerry Hall   Johan Renck
FORM Owens Corning   John Adams
FLIP FILMS Guerrero   Gabriel Beristain
THE ARTIST COMPANY MCare   Spooner & French
THE ARTIST COMPANY General Mills Fruit Bars   Spooner & French
FORM Verizon   Jesse Dylan
FORM   Jesse Dylan
LAUNCH PAD The Ryan Seacrest Show Promo   Allen Haines
TOOL OF NORTH AMERICA San Diego Zoo   Loni Peristere
BOB INDUSTRIES Sprint Wireless   Peter Care
BOB INDUSTRIES AT&T Text Messaging   Peter Care
BOB INDUSTRIES AT&T mLife   Peter Care
BOB INDUSTRIES Mastercard   Peter Care
HUNGRY MAN Dial   David Shane
BOB INDUSTRIES Pennzoil   Peter Care
ANONYMOUS Hewlett Packard   Garth Jennings
PARTIZAN Nike   David Fincher
TRIO FILMS Playboy Channel Promo Package   Suzanne Kiley
DIRECTORS BUREAU Beth Orton Music Video   Mike Mills
DENTE STUDIO INC. GMC Envoy   Vincent Dente
LAUNCH PAD Will Rogers w/Tommy Lee Jones Allen Haines
SPINACH/davidandgoliath Dish TV   Kieth/Keith
LOVETT PRODUCTIONS Remmington   Nigel Sarrag
PALOMAR PICTURES RL “Model Chick” (Music Video)   Darren Grant
GO FILMS Nissan   Vincent Dente
EPOCH Coke w/ Lance Armstrong   Jeff Preiss
PROPAGANDA FILMS Toyota Camry   Pascal Lebegue
NYDRLE PRODUCTIONS Corona   Peter Nydrle
SATELLITE FILMS Powerade (South Africa)   Josh Taft
SATELLITE FILMS Sun America (South Africa)   Josh Taft
NYDRLE PRODUCTIONS D’arcy Reel   Peter Nydrle
POPULUX FILMS Pepsi   Greg Santor
AREA 51 Nissan   Ted Melfi
AREA 51 IFC Promos   Ted Melfi
PROPAGANDA FILMS Edwin Jeans w/Brad Pitt Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu
FUSION PRODUCTIONS Fusion Pilates Exercising with Baby Pat Soloman
WHISPERSQUISH Gwendolyn’s Good Time Gang Angela Barnes
EMBODYMENT Fusion Pilates Exercising with Baby Angelo Gianni
FORM Pizza Hut w/ Jessica Simpson Jesse Dylan
FORM Taco Bell   Jesse Dylan
H.S.I. Army Strong   Sam Bayer
NEWHOUSE FILMS Yamaha   Pat Soloman
FORM Davidoff   Jesse Dylan
FORM Pizza Hut   Jesse Dylan
H.S.I. BMW   Michael Haussman



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