Gear List: Royal Enfield Himalayan

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12V USB Hub ChargerCar USB Charger Fast ChargeThe tank bag charger for all the electronics...
CameraGoPro 10Amazing camera
DroneDJI Mini 3 ProThe perfect drone for motorcycle videos. Tiny and light. Now with motion tracking...
CameraGoPro 9Amazing camera
GoPro AccessoryMedia ModFor audio
Battery BricksNitecore NB10000Used to power the GoPros
ND Filters for GoProNewerHelps keep the iso low for less noise in video.
GoPro AccessoryLong GoPro ScrewThis is key so that you can easily get it off.
GoPro AccessoryGoPro Quick Release
I put these on any mounts and tripod or selfie stick so
I can easily change where the gopro is mounted.
GoPro AccessoryGoPro Quick
Release Buckles
These break now and then. Good to have some spares.
Selfie StickInsta360 StickLight weight and versatile. This and the feet became my tripod.
Tripod FeetZedio Mini FeetAttached this to the bottom of the selfie stick
TripodManfrotto CompactI ditched this for something smaller/lighter, but it's a great compact tripod.
Ball HeadOben Mini HeadAn easy way to level the camera.
Helmet ClampDango Gripper MountLove this thing.
ND Filters for DroneND Filter SetHelps keep the iso low for less noise in video.
Lav MicMM Audio LapelAudio is key. I ordered one with a custom short cable and an L shaped adapter.
SD CardsSanDisk 256gbDon't get any larger than this.
SD Card CaseMicro SD Card CaseWater resistant
Camera MountSmallRigPut a GoPro quick release on it, and boom.
Camera MountTaisioner Super ClamPut a GoPro quick release on it, and boom.
Hard DrivesSamsung T7 2TB


Power InverterBestek Power InverterI needed this to be able to charge the laptop which needed 110V.
SAE ConnectorKuncan ConnectorConnected to the battery to provide power to my charging setup and the air compressor.
Power Charger
Anker 10000mAhGreat power charger. This is what I used on the TAT. Have since upgraded. This is what I used to charge phone/InReach/TCom at night when camping.
GoPro Battery ChargerTelesin BrandWorked great. Charges three batteries at once. Stayed closed in tank bag.
USB Charging HubUSB Charger6 port usb charger. I plugged this into the inverter and then attached all accessories via usb.
Current USB HubCar USB hubThis is what I'm using now. If you don't need a laptop - connect this to battery via SAE and charge everything in your tank bag.
Short Micro USB CablesShort cables for less mess.
Short USB C CablesShort Micro USB CablesShort cables for less mess.
USB Ports on DashQuick Charge 3.0 Dual USB3M taped to GPS Bar Bracket
USB Port in BracketOptiMATE Weatherproof SAE socketFits perfectly in the bracket on the right side of the REH


Helmet Intercom
TCOMHighly recommend. Worked great and not too expensive.
Garmin InReach MiniSeemed like a smart thing to spend money on.


Modular HelmetScorpionEXOLove.
Riding JacketKlim InductionLOVE. I have an older model.
Riding PantsJoe Rocket Phoenix Ion PantsThe zippers are on the correct side!
BootsO'NealMaybe not the best ankle protection you can get - but comfy as hell. Love these.
Rain Jacket (Current)Revit Smock BarrierPacks tiny. Love it. But - $$$.
Rain Pants (Current)Revit Acid 3 H2OPacks tiny. Not too expensive.
GlovesAplineStarsI think I got women’s gloves, and I’d do it again!
ShortsKuhl Radikl ShortsThe bomb.


PantsKuhl Radikl PantsThe bomb.


UnderwearExOfficio Good synthetic quick dry underwear - for when you pee yourself on a mountain pass.


GPS Navigation
Garmin Zumo XTSo much $$. So worth it. I still use Gaia for route planning.
GPS Navigation APP
GaiaGreat App.
GPS Navigation
Old iPhone 6Worked Fine
GPS Navigation
Kyocera DuraForce ProWe couldn’t get them to charge properly. Can’t recommend. You can find them cheap used...
Phone Mount
QuadLock Love. Kind of pricey, but.
Phone MountQuadLock Universal
Attach to any phone instead of buying the expensive QuadLock Cases.
Phone Mount
RAM Quick GripThis thing is kinda big, but I really liked it. Easy to get phone in and out. None of those dumb rubber things... I used this for awhile and gave it to JP to use when his fell apart.


Tank BagMosko Moto
Nomax Tank Bag
Great but $$$
LuggageMosko Moto Reckless 80Great but $$$


TentBig Agnes Copper SpurHell yes to this tent.
Sleep PadThermarest Neo AirThis is stupid-expensive - but I swear - the pad is the most important piece of gear…
Camp ChairHelinoxI had an REI Flexlite, but this is the same thing. I sent this home, but a nice luxury item.
Cheap Camp ChairKnock Off ChairA cheaper knock off that's probably just as good.
Quilt/Sleeping Bag
Enlightened Equipment Revelation 30 DegreeHigh quality quilt. I'm into the quilt thing and I love this company.
Sleeping Bag
Aegimax BagI used this for backpacking and the SM 500. It's a decen bag, but not for less than 50 degrees.
Quilt/Sleeping Bag
I might get next
Enlightened Equipment Convert 0 DegreeI'm thinking about doing the NEBDR in September/October and I think
I need a lower degree quilt. Maybe.
Bag LinerVumosThese are great to have. If it's super hot, these alone work great.
WaterMSR Dromedary BagGreat and holds a lot of H20
WaterDrinking Tube for
Pocket BlanketMatador Pocket BlanketOne of my favorite pieces of kit.
Camp TowelSea to Summit
AirLite Towel
Love. Tiny and works well. You'll be the talk of the camp shower...
Tent LampBlack Diamond LanternLove. Great to hang in the tent.
HeadlampCREE LED I used the tent lamp much more than this. But - handy
to have for sure...
Poo ShovelUST DigLeave no trace people
Ditty BagsDitty BagsKept things organized.
BuffMerino Wool BuffLove. Great for wiping gauges, sweat, water, whatever. Use as a
headband or make it into a hat.
Cook StoveFancy Feast Cook StoveYou can make these yourself out of a cat food can. But - be lazy like me. I like this because it's quiet (unlike a jetboil). And it boils quickly.
Fuel BottlePlastic DispensorFor stove fuel
Stove FuelHEET (yellow)I like it because you can find it anywhere...
Survival KnifeSmith & WessonI got this to process wood for campfires I never had... Someday!
Camp SpoonGSI LongYou need one of these to dig into those freeze dried bags of goop.
Camp Spoon 2Collapsible SpoonI love the GSI spoon. But it's length is kind of a pain in the ass to pack neatly. I'm trying this one. We'll see...
Cook PotToaksLight and great.
Wind ScreenToaksTo put around the stove if there's wind.
Collapsible CupSea to Summit X SeriesHandy
Coffee PressAeropressIf a flood came, this is what I would save. We use this every day at
home - not just for camping.
Bear BagRock SokA clever bit of kit
**Fig BarsNatures Best!The world's most perfect food.
Vegan Camp MealsLeafside (Disgusting)The world's most imperfect food.
Camp Shoes
Vertico SlidersThese were fine, but just a bit big to pack (and squeaky!)
Camp Shoes
Vifuur Water ShoesThese pack to nothing, but I’ll feel stupid wearing them in a Mexican restaurant lounge.
Current Med KitAdventure Med KitIn addition to this, get some tweezers or a tick key.
Tick RemovalTick PatrolI hate ticks.
Insect RepellentSaywer PicaridinGood stuff.
Insect TreatmentSayer PermethrinSpray all your stuff down before you go.
Camp SawSilky Gomboy ProAmazon won't let me link to this - just google it.
Water TreatmentSaywer filtrationI didn't bring this on the TAT. But if you're getting super remote -
this is a good kit.
Merino Wool SocksTime May Tell SocksGreat.
SoapDr. Bronner'sCareful of the bottle being secure. My toothbrush was super minty
in a bad way one morning.
Laptop ProtectorUrban Armor
Mesh Laundry BagMesh Laundry BagGood for drying clothes on the bike...
UnderwearExOfficio BoxersSynthetic for wicking and quick drying.
Puffy Jacket


Air CompressorSlimeFantastic!
Multi ToolWingman LeathermanGood to have somewhere you can get to easily.
Tire Tubes for CT12517" Tubes for Stock Tires
Chain LubePJ1 Blue
WD 40WD 40Always good to have around. Clean the chain, lube your jacket zipper that's so dusty it won't move anymore, etc...


Tool RollWolfy
Tire SpoonsMotion ProI used these a lot, and liked them a lot.
8/10mm Wrench8/10mm Wrench
12/14mm Wrench12/14mm Wrench
17/19mm Wrench17/19mm Wrench
16-18mm Spark Plug Wrench16-18mm Spark Plug Wrench
Pressure GaugePressure Gauge
ScrewdriverScrewdriverFrom the Honda Toolkit
Various Zip TiesVarious Zip TiesGet some of the huge ones from Harbor Freight too.
Small 5” Vice GripsSmall 5” Vice Grips
Allen Keys 3/4/10mmAllen Keys 3/4/10mmOnly need the 3, 4, and 10mm
JB Quick WeldJB Quick WeldGood for emergencies. Put it in a zip lock. I didn't and one of them got punctured...
Latex GlovesLatex Gloves
Blue LocktiteBlue Locktite
A few 10Amp FusesA few 10Amp Fuses
1 Fuse Puller1 Fuse Puller
TapeGorilla Tape
Stem PullerStem PullerI didn’t have this on the TAT. Will never be without one again!
1 Microfiber Rag1 Microfiber Ragery good to have around!
Tube Patch KitSlime patch Kit


High Heat PaintRust-Oleum 248903Used for painting the exhaust.
Chain ScrubberEnenes BrushCompletely unnecessary and I wouldn't take this on a trip. But I use it at home.
Wash BrushesTooly Detail Kit.Completely unnecessary and I wouldn't take this on a trip. But I use it at home. Good for getting in the nooks and crannies.
SiphonKatumo SiphoneTo get the gas out of the tank to put in ethanol free for winter.
Bike CoverBike CoverCheapo. Good enough.
Valve AdjustmentYunshuo Spanner ToolUsed for adjusting the valves of the REH.
Oil FunnelFlexible Oil FunnelGood for draining the oil from the REH
Battery TenderBattery Tender JuniorKeep your battery in line during the winter time.
REH MirrosDoubletakeAwesome. (And Itchy Boots approved...)
Front Tire2.5x17 Shinko 244YES
Rear Tire3.0x17 Shinko 244YES